Sunday, October 27, 2013

I LOVE my Chickens!!! Part 1

When I told my family that I would like chicks for Mother's Day this last May, I think they thought I was CRAZY!!  Well I wasn't.  I thought that these little birds would help me deal with my MS and depression because I would have something new to focus on. I have to admit there have been several times that someone else has had to take care of them BUT the times I can take care of them I do!!

 I got 8 chicks, not really knowing if they were male or female.  We can only have hens because we live within city limits.  So we took a chance and picked out 8 cute chicks.   Boy have they brought lots of entertainment for the whole family.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of family with chickens!!

 My Mother's day gifts from my husband and children.
 Our first time raising backyard chickens.

 This was the first month of our cute chicks!
 Acclimating them to the outdoors.
Keeping them protected from the sun and our curious dogs.

 Granddaughter K with her chick Flossie.

They are getting bigger!!

My son's creative way to lead the hens back into their run. 
Granddaughter C leading them with corn on the cob!!
Can you tell the rooster in this picture?  We ended up with two roosters.  
We were able to find homes for them and adopted two "new" hens.
One of our new adopted hens, a silver laced polish named
 Mary Todd Lincoln!! 
My sweet husband hand feeding some of the hens.  Our other adopted
hen "Lafonda" is a gray silkie.  She is so little and is giving us a daily egg!!
Grandson J is holding Lafonda.  They love playing
with the chickens!!
Oscar, our 9 year old dachshund is just waiting for a chance to 
get a taste of those chickens!!

We have a lot of fun and learned a lot with this experience raising backyard chickens. We are even more excited now that some of them are laying eggs!!  Part two of the "I LOVE my Chickens" will me in the next few days. I will update you with some new pictures.  I know you can hardly wait!!  I have to give thanks to my daughters who have helped me with some issues I have had posting this blog.  They are my editors and tech support.  Thanks girls for all of you help!!  

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  1. Since we have raised backyard chickens for a few years now, I will never live in a place where it's not allowed. You are doing a great job raising your girls and you clearly love them. Having chickens is such a wonderful experience. Plus you get eggs!